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The challenge

People are better together, how can we connect them?

Have an idea for connecting people in your community using technology
Share and develop ideas together
Develop the technology solution
Innovation day to choose the winning entry

As part of the wider Kent Connects' digital.together programme we have been looking at this year’s Transformed by You event. Following suggestions from Digital Envoys, Kent Connects partners and other stakeholders we have decided to take a different approach that will enable us to work with others in a more cohesive way. We also want to better link with established local hack events and the developer and digital community.

As a result we will be:

  • reviewing the ideas already submitted
  • opening up a dialogue with others
  • looking at opportunities to work more closely with local schools, colleges and Universities
  • engage more fully with the Kent developer community via digital.together

We welcome your ideas and feedback about our new direction.

Finally Transformed by You which was originally planned for 21st November will now be deferred to a later date. So watch this space for more information.

Your ideas

Our Idea is to develop a community radio station here at Maidstone Community Support Centre in partnership with Involve Kent, which will allow all members of the community to be involved from being on air to production and obviously the technical side.

We are looking initially setting up as...

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Becoming a stakeholder of another business through financial investment and/or collaboration is a great way to spark up new business relationships and grow your network.

A platform where you can:

1) Advertise your service or product

2) Request financial investment and help from...

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This piece of software would provide a link between two random (but registered) people in the Maidstone area, maybe with common interests or close location within the town, to help users meet other locals.

It sounds like a crude dating site, but the intentions of users should be friendship;...

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Transformed by You has been Innovating for 7 years now. This blog is an update on the last two winners. In 2013 Dr Leonard Anderson won Transformed by You with his power socket. Kemuri is a start-up combining the strength of UK electronics engineering and data science.  A multi-sensor smart power socket connects to the […]

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There is a whole list of prizes available for those of you with fantastic ideas. We have theatre, cinema and Think Nation tickets available to be won! All you have to do to have a chance to win some of these is submit your ideas using the form (on the homepage). All of the ideas […]

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What are the things that you like best about the technology you use, or rather the things that make it easier for you to want to use technology! From aspirations of improved accessibility of “getting a decent signal” to the blunt call for simplicity “simplify phone and text messages and forget all the other things”, […]

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